Konsultan offers a full suite of services for Managed Trust Company (MTC) from our Labuan office. Starting with advice on the relevant laws, regulatory guidelines and requirements for licence application to complete assistance in the submission of licence application, engage with the regulators and act as your conduit during the whole licence application process.

We also assist in the incorporation of your company after conditional approval is granted and provide the usual registered office address and resident company secretary to your company. We ensure that the requirements for licence as a Labuan MTC are complied with, in a timely manner.

We provide ‘physical presence’ for your MTC, including the provision of a resident trust officer and a resident director. This individual will be your main contact point for all things connected to your MTC including technical queries and regulatory changes. We help organise operational set-ups tailored to your MTC’s specific needs, adopt your products format specifically made for your clients and assist in putting in place the trust company’s AML and KYC protocols for your firm.

Konsultan’s back-office services allow your MTC to showcase institutional infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of a full-fledged trust company and with the flexibility to grow with your MTC.