A trust is less formal and more personal in the relationship between the settlors and the trustees. At least that is the way how we feel it based on our experience administering trusts for our clients. The range of uses to which a trust may still be preferred in its employment and part of the settlor’s planning is all due to its confidentiality and flexibility principles. It is a tried and tested legal form of preserving and transmitting wealth from one generation of beneficiaries to another, still intact within the family.

Labuan trusts can be established under the Labuan Trusts Act 1996. Our Labuan office establishes and administers trusts and private trust companies for clients who seek the benefits of having an independent trustee to administer their assets. These services are available from Labuan jurisdiction.

If you want to know more about Labuan trusts you can always contact and speak with our Konsultans. They are more than happy to answer your queries about Labuan trusts.